Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment


Our customer is one of the world's leading learning platform providers with more than 4 million active users worldwide. The platform is used in all levels of education, from primary schools to universities, helping teachers make education more inspiring and valuable for today’s students. User feedback heavily drives the development, so high user adaptation and satisfaction has been achieved.


The platform has existed since 1999 and, to continue being the marker leader, it must be significantly upgraded and improved. Particularly, that means:

  • Improving performance due to constantly growing number of users.
  • Modern user interface with rich Web 2.0 functionality.
  • Responsive web design to support mobile devices.
  • Improving accessibility for visually impaired people.
  • Expanded integration possibilities with other applications due to worldwide expanding of user base.
  • Advanced communication and collaboration features due to market demand.


The first phase of reaching these goals was a deep reengineering of the application platform using .NET technologies and Web 2.0 approaches. Compatibility on data level with previous versions and smooth for end-user versioning were some of requirements.

Particularly, we added new advanced but simple tools for communication and collaboration, such as:

  • Email, Cloud-email, text messages and internal messages
  • Video chat
  • Video conference
  • Discussion forum
  • Tests creation tool
  • Process-oriented writing tool
  • Project area putting students in control
  • User interface for early learners
  • New design of Grade book
  • Learning objectives repository
  • Content recommendation engine
  • And much more…

Besides, we greatly modified the user interface to provide the best UX, including responsive design and easy customization features for a client.

Project has been performing in distributed teams where Arcadia and Customer's developers and testers work together using agile approach and SCRUM management framework.

Results / Benefits

Outsourcing of significant part of software development to offshore partner helped Customer to concentrate on its business goals, ensured fast company growth and high ROI ratio. The additional bonus is a significant progress in establishing effective software development process within Customer’s organization which is naturally working with software development vendor in distributed team.


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