Stadium Access Control System

Stadium Access Control System


Our customer is a leading Russian ticketing system provider. It has 1000+ ticketing offices in 20 biggest Russian cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don and Sochi.

The business area is providing tickets sale and access control for theater, cinema, concert, sport, musical and other entertainment events. Customer’s software is a client-server solution that manages all processes in ticketing life cycle. The company sells tickets in its own ticketing offices and points of sale, through the website and through partners’ networks.


One of the Customer’s client is Bolshoy Ice Dome, which has its own access control system with 32 turnstiles installed around the stadium.

Initially, the access control system for the stadium was implemented for the 2014 Winter Olympics and it had not been integrated with the ticketing software, which operates the current sport and entertainment events. Access control system did not contained software part and had only low-level network interface available for the integration.

The challenge was to integrate access control system of the stadium with the customers ticketing system remotely using existing low-level network interface.

Other challenge was the requirement of the security department of Sochi Olympic Park to perform the integration in very tight deadlines.


To meet the deadlines and reduce the cost of the solution it was decided to implement the solution remotely, without visiting the stadium in Sochi.

The process of implementation was separated into several phases:

  • First, we contacted the company, which produced turnstiles and updated the information about the software and network protocols used in the stadium.
  • Then, we got access to the network infrastructure of a stadium remotely and re-programmed all turnstiles to allow them understand the barcode standard used by ticketing system.
  • After that, we developed and tested the integration components.

Our team and the stadium stuff performed debugging and functional testing together. Arcadian person was testing the component remotely communicating via Skype with another person in the stadium who run tests scanning barcodes on live turnstiles.

The stress test was done at live event of Kontinental Hockey League championship. Stress tests passed successfully with about 10 000 fans passed through all 32 turnstiles in approximately one hour.

All turnstiles in stadium check the ticket barcodes online and either allow access by opening the lane and showing the green light or reject showing the red light, displaying the reason of reject.

Results / Benefits

The integration of two systems was done with low cost and in extremely tight deadline. Since then the system has been working stable serving all events at the stadium.

The system fits all the requirements from the security department of Sochi Olympic Park.


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