Psychometric Testing Application

Psychometric Testing Application


Our client is one of the Europe's and US largest providers of business psychology solutions and psychometric tools. The customer has 25 years of experience in personality assessment and provide instruments for employee screening, selection and placement, career guidance, teamwork development, and more.


The Customer’s psychological assessment and report generation software works as a web service. However, for some areas like Public Safety and Security there is a need of a standalone solution due to Internet access restrictions.

The project goal was to develop a new standalone solution for Windows that would inherit key functions from existing solution and include new features. Data collection should be extended to support scanning and recognition of different answer sheet types; the solution should provide easier way for data import & export and include a portable application to collect data. In addition, it should allow delivering reports for customized set of instruments at the client’s site and provide strong security.


Our solution included the following activities:

  • Architecture design
  • Selection of 3rd party tools
  • UX/Usability analysis and design
  • Graphical design
  • Source code/build system setup and maintenance
  • Development
  • Quality assurance, including test automation
  • Documentation development (including user manual and How-To videos)

We used Scrum as a management framework. It allowed to implement features one-by-one and receive early feedback from the client.

After initial investigation of technologies to be used and setting up the project infrastructure, our team started with core implementation. One of the key aspects of the project was security. In order to protect the software from illegal copying, we used database encryption, hardware key protection and obfuscation. We made a portable application configurable with creating an instance from main standalone application.

The Data Collection and Reporting system allows administering using several approaches: on-screen testing, manual data entry, scanning and recognition of answer sheets.

After that, scoring and reporting is performed.

Results / Benefits

New Data Collection and Reporting system implementation allowed to increase the number of the Customer’s clients.

Scoring and reporting platform developed for the application allowed to add support of new tests and reports more easily. 

Now this platform has become the main scoring and reporting platform of the Customer and is used in other applications, including the web service.


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