People Counting and Traffic Analysis System

People Counting and Traffic Analysis System


Our customer is a provider of people counting platform for shopping malls. In general, the platform could be adapted for many purposes, for instance counting of pedestrians on the street, traffic in airport, etc.

The customer has hundreds of clients in Europe and Asia.


The platform has existed for many years. It had an old-fashioned design, was not device-friendly and did not satisfy modern Internet standards. It was decided to implement a new version of the product according to new vision and end users’ needs.


The 1st phase was a rewriting of web application platform using ASP.NET MVC technologies. Bootstrap library was chosen to support HTML5 and CSS3 standards. All this allowed us to create modern lightweight web application with simple and powerful user interface. In particular, users can use their mobile devices.

The following main features have been implemented:

  • Comparison report — compares two periods in table view.
  • Map report — compares two periods and visualizes them on the map of shopping mall.
  • Entrance analysis report — shows visitors distribution per shopping mall entrance.
  • Productivity analysis — visualizes visitors, customers, sales.
  • Dashboard — gives the user a quick overview of the above reports.

Arcadia team was fully responsible for UX design, graphical design, implementation, testing and deployment of the application to production environment.

The platform is available as SaaS solution hosted on Azure.

Results / Benefits

The Customer has got a new version of the platform with user-friendly, fast and powerful interface. In particular, new technologies help to fulfill end users’ needs, allow them to analyze data and make business decisions.

On the other hand, it has helped to get more clients all over the world.



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