Mobile Platform for Kindergartens

Mobile Platform for Kindergartens


The Customer is a large software company in Denmark, with branches in different Danish cities. The majority of Customer’s business derives from software development: the company develops and delivers IT solutions for the local government, central government and private markets.

Initially, the Customer was Danish Ministry of Education. Arcadia was selected as the supplier of the product and service as a result of EU tender and took part in all stages of product development from business analysis to assistance in deployment and users support. When the Ministry decided to sell part of its products to private companies, a tender was organized and the current Customer won.


Being a leading player on government market, the Customer decided to enforce their position on educational and social networking systems sector by buying and further developing the solution Arcadia had developed and maintained, which consists of web part and native mobile apps.

The Customer decided to focus on mobile part of the product. Users actively use mobile devices, they want to make different actions and get information from the system without going to desktop browser — right on their iOS and Android devices.


To give users natural user experience on both platforms, it was decided to implement native iOS and Android app with the platforms specifics in user interface and design approaches.

The product needed to communicate via API with the server part of the web application addressing day-to-day needs of child-care organizations, their employees and relatives of children.

Application is focused particularly on the parents needs:

  • Communicating with mentors and other parents via messages
  • Answering surveys
  • Consuming information published by their kindergartens (news, notices, documents, pictures)
  • Planning their children's activities (see week/month/year plans for children, register vacations and other changes in children’s schedule, see kindergartens calendar)
  • Sharing information with others (post images).

Project is performing at Arcadia's side. Customer is involved in clarification of requirements. Arcadia is fully responsible for all technical aspects of the project, including collecting requirements, designing interfaces, software development and testing, maintenance and “second line” support when we help service departments from the Customer's side.

Results / Benefits

Getting the product that was already known and popular among systems for child-care organizations in Denmark, the Customer decided to continue development with Arcadia. This allows to reduce costs on system implementation and maintenance and gives the Customer access to qualified technical and analytical resources with deep knowledge of domain and current product.

The product is being constantly improved which is proved by new users that install and use the product.


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