Phone Based Exam Delivery

Phone Based Exam Delivery


Our customer is an independently owned, client-driven company working with some of the largest international awarding, professional and government bodies to offer a complete range of e-Assessment services from consultancy to testing and custom development. They created one of the most comprehensive, secure and innovative solutions in the area which benefits and improves the educational process for the end users. Actively growing, the product has expanded from being purely an e-Assessment system to a system that can also be used to produce, scan and mark paper-based exams. Millions of high-stakes exams are delivered through the system.


Each and every organization has different examination requirements: exams can be taken online, offline, or in paper format. However, many awarding bodies have their centers distributed worldwide and, at some point, they want also to provide a phone-based delivery, thus ensuring their ability to deliver exams to candidates no matter of center infrastructure or location.

This requires the platform to be extended with a new application. It should be integrated with already existing product modules varying widely from test content creation to assessing students’ responses, and there should not be any significant changes in the core assessment platform.

Besides, a good VoIP solution has to be proposed to cover all aspects of the task.


First of all, there was a careful investigation done to discover what communications platform exist nowadays and pick the best one to cover the customer needs considering cost-value ratio. As the result, Tropo Cloud API was selected proposing the right balance of cost, features and extensibility and having a flexible API.

The second part was creating a web application for:

  • Being an adapter between Tropo capturing phone calls and the core platform which is responsible for providing valid exam content and assessing the results
  • Having its own storage to cache both exams and responses content.

Question of storage housekeeping was solved by means of a local service which cared of submitting exams for further assessment, communicating actual exams state to the core app and cleaning outdated content.

Results / Benefits

The solution created by our team allowed customer to satisfy their main client needs evidencing their reliability once more. Besides, outsourcing a part of development let the customer focus on delivering other important features in time, thus moving their business forward.


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