Identity Framework

Identity Framework


Our client is a Nordic leader in human resource and financial resource management solutions and serves over 12 000 customers in Nordic countries.


The Customer has a number of products in human resources and financial resources management area. Each product has own implementation of security system: managing users and permissions, integrations with different LDAP providers, logon, change password, reset password and so on.

The Customer is going to offer the products in suits where several products are integrated, so from user prospective they look like one product. Suits need to have a single point of security administration and single logon page.


The solution was to create a Common Identity Framework to manage security and then adapt all products to use it. It involved a lot of work planning and coordination between many teams on Arcadia's side and on the Customer's side.

Common Identity Framework consists of:

  • Administration UI to manage user accounts, user groups and their permissions, LDAP integrations, password policies.
  • Unified login UI where users can sign in with username/password or do LDAP single sign-on, reset password, handle forgotten password.
  • API for products where they can ask if current user has specific permission.
  • Customizable audit trail of users activities.

Then all products were changed to use the Identity Framework; their own security system implementations were retired.

By now the Identity Framework has been evolving with adding a lot of new features, such as supporting a number of LDAP providers, single sign-on, and advanced password policy. An ability to support company language preferences together with user regional settings has come as a solution for multinational companies.

Results / Benefits

The solution implemented by Arcadia team allowed the Customer's development teams to focus on delivering business features instead of re-implementing security systems again and again. Maintenance costs for products has decreased and overall quality of security has increased.


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