Employee Self-Service Application

Employee Self-Service Application


Our client is a Nordic leader in human resource and financial resource management solutions and serves over 12 000 customers in Nordic countries. 


The customer has a suite of applications for human resources management that includes Employee Self-Service portal where people can register tasks, reminders, vacations and so on. The portal is implemented with Silverlight and cannot be accessed from mobile devices.

The customer decided to create a mobile client to work on mobile phones and tables. The client can work on iOS, Android or Windows Phone.


After analysis of the requirements, it was decided to create mobile website instead of set of native applications due to limited budget and in order to reach as many platforms as possible.

Mobile application contains functionalities that user of the system may want to use outside of the working place. User can:

  • Manage own working schedule by registering absences, overtimes or creating requests for vacations. All of the requests will be processed in the system and forwarded to the manager of the employee.
  • View and manage own tasks and reminders.
  • View colleagues contact information and store it to the phone contact book.
  • View payslips.

The website is a single page application — this approach reduces loading time. Knockout.js framework helps to separate HTML markup from presentation logic.

Our team proposed interaction design and graphical design, the final version uses Metro style. The application is responsive: it looks nicely and works fine on mobiles and tablets.

Results / Benefits

The mobile website helped the Customer to improve user satisfaction. It was included to the suite of human resources management applications. Implemented website can be extended with external modules; that makes it easy to add new functionalities.


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