Electronic Guide App

Electronic Guide App


Our Customer is an international company working in digital publishing industry. It delivers business information to the finance, law, transport and energy sectors.


One of Customer’s departments provides corporate taxpayers with a special annual guide (hard copies and electronic - via their website). The guide contains information about the World’s leading companies in financial and related areas. It allows finding trusted advisers and checking the advisers’ performance against their competitors.

The idea was to create a mobile app, so that users can easily get access to latest guide issue and previous year issues as well.

Main requirements for new application were:

  • universal iOS application (with support for iPhone&iPad devices families)
  • PDF reader capabilities with table of content and bookmarks support
  • integration with a backend (SOAP)
  • ability for updating in-bundle guide for the current year
  • Google Ads support


First, we made a review of available PDF reader frameworks and libraries and chose PDFTouch framework (taking into consideration the best value for money).

Customer wants to build a few similar apps in future, so this app would be used as barebone. So we designed an architecture with ability to easily add or remove additional screens and content.

We got PDFTouch source code and have to make a few customizations in it to fit it to Customer’s UI standards.

The backend integration was based on native iOS SDK (NSURLSession that was added with iOS 7). We developed two-step approach for the guide updating functionality: the app receives an URL for the guide from the backend and after that compares its modification date with a local copy - with a such model we avoiding hardcoded links to the latest guide issue.

Results / Benefits

Customer got a new way for the guide distribution and convenient tool for providing updates to their customers.

Also Customer got  a barebone app that has been already used for development other similar apps.


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